Thursday, December 14, 2006

Assault with a deadly russett

People get angry when they have to wait in line. Most people get angry, yell at the manager or the clerk. Then they get on with their life. For one Ohio woman though, this solution seemed a little too easy.
Store Manager Assaulted With Potatoes

(AP) --
A grocery store manager was struck in the head with a 10-pound sack of potatoes by a customer angry about having to wait in

See no Kanyevel, Hear no Kanyevel

A couple days ago, I read an article about Evel Knievel suing Kanye West over his video "Touch the Sky".

Knievel, whose real name is Robert Craig Knievel, filed a lawsuit in
federal court in Tampa on Monday claiming infringement on his trademark name and
likeness. He also claims the "vulgar and offensive" images