Friday, January 11, 2008

He Needs A New Girlfriend Now.

Looking a man? Okay, well he's not exactly a "man", other than the chronological sense, but he's back on the market, nevertheless.

Matthew Henry Fleming, 22, may be just the guy you're looking for. Of course, you may have to get used to him blaming you for leading the police on high-speed chases. You would also have to be understanding of his twenty-some prior charges and convictions. Here's a snip from azcentral: [full article]

Chandler police have arrested a man they believe fled from officers while driving drunk in south Chandler - then crashed the vehicle, jumped into his girlfriend's lap and told police she was the driver, court records show.

Police arrested Matthew Henry Fleming, 22, Wednesday on suspicion of unlawful flight, endangerment and DUI, police said.

You never know, he could be a great catch. Then again, there may be a long wait....

Sorry, ladies.

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