Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It Must Take A Lot Of Gall.....

Imagine you are having a routine surgery. You're in the operating room, unconscious, oblivious to what is taking place. Of course, what should be taking place is your surgery. The surgery that Sean Dubowik went in for was supposed to be gall bladder surgery-which he got-along with much more. Here's a snip from the AZcentral website:

A Mayo Clinic Hospital surgeon in training used a cellphone to photograph a patient's genitals during surgery and now may face disciplinary action and a patient's attorney. Dr. Adam Hansen, chief resident of general surgery at the Phoenix hospital, admitted to Mayo administrators he snapped the photo during a Dec. 11 gallbladder surgery on patient Sean Dubowik, whose penis bears the tattooed slogan, "Hot Rod."

Please read the full article here.

Judging by the numerous comments on the article, I guess most people think this doctor should not lose his job. And since Mr. Dubowik is a strip club owner and has a tattoo on his penis, then how dare he be upset that someone take a picture of it while he's unconcious and is unable to consent to such a photo.

That, of course, is sarcasm-because I don't think it's ever "okay" to take a picture of someone's genitals while they are unable to consent, no matter what the person does for a living, and no matter what is tattooed on that region. Only Mr. Dubowik knows how truly violated he feels. Just because he owns a strip club and has a penis tattoo, doesn't mean that he's not human, and can't feel humiliation.

What do you think?

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  1. i think the doctor should be stripped off his license. it's a shame for the victim for what happened.