Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Carnival Of The True Crime Blogs

Once again it is my pleasure to present The Carnival Of The True Crime Blogs, hosted by yours truly.

In our first entry, we haveBonnie's Blog Of Crime with the sad and bizarre case of Ben Perkins-Link, a young man with a bright future, lured by a "friend", only to be brutally murdered with a metal pipe.

Next up, we have Lilo from Lost In Lima, Ohio setting the record straight with some Crime Library Readers about her feelings toward admitted pedophile, Jack McClellan.

Trench Reynolds of MyCrimeSpace fame, has another blog along the same lines, called
craigscrimelist. This particular entry shows you that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Especially, as Trench points out, if the dealings take place at Starbucks!

In our final entry, the guys at CrimeRant talk about the latest in the Lisa Montgomery case and her newest defense. You may remember Lisa, accused of kidnapping Bobbie Jo Stinnett,cutting her unborn baby from her womb, and leaving her to bleed to death.

I hope you have enjoyed this edition of the Carnival!

**A special thanks to Lilo, for the graphic.**


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