Friday, September 21, 2007

They needed more beer.......of course.

I think it takes a special brand of idiot to decide to make a "beer run" around 8:00 A.M. when children are on their way to school, people are on their way to work-just minding their own business, going along their daily business.

In fact, I don't agree with drinking and driving at any time of day. I just think anyone that's blasted out of their minds, getting in their vehicle in the early morning hours to get more beer, is....well, a big idiot.

So, you're probably eager to meet these two alleged beer enthusiasts, eh?

Well, here is Kenneth Marlette, 37, who--strangely enough bears a striking resemblence to Uncle Fester of the Addams Family (no offense to Uncle Fester, of course!)

Then there's his lovely fiancee', Audrey Klosterman, 26, pictured below.

I don't really have much to say about her.......yet. But she does have a MySpace account.

According to her profile, you may notice, she is "busy". Well, she's busy, alright-busy being held at the Pima County Jail, along with her drinking buddy/fiance, Kenneth. They are each being held on second degree murder charges with $500,000 bond each.

But it was just a normal morning for Julia Sunderlin, a 50 year old woman who routinely walked her beloved dog, Gertie, along the roadside of Sabino Canyon Road in Tucson, Arizona. That is, until the dynamic duo came along. According to news reports, Marlette and Klosterman allegedly began arguing while driving to get more beer, Klosterman apparently grabbed the steering wheel and veered the van off the road, where Julia and Gertie were walking. The van hit Julia with such a force that she bounced off the windshield and struck a nearby power pole. Gertie died underneath the van. Julia passed as well.

[Julia Sunderlin (from her myspace page)]

Here's a wake-up call for all the nutjobs that think they can control their driving while they are drunk. You can't. You take not only your life in your hands, but innocent people--strangers. You don't have the right to do that. You don't have the right to determine the fate of other people. I have an idea--if you run out of alcohol, beer, whatever----go to freaking BED! Is it really that hard? Don't go out and get MORE beer. It's that simple. Drink at home--stay HOME. If you really need more beer--send someone that's f***ing sober for crying out loud!! I don't want you out on MY streets killing MY family or someone I care about. Heck, I don't even want your dumb ass out there killing people I don't know or don't like. Call me crazy.

Julia was seemingly well liked. She was just one of those people who seemed to touch alot of people. Apparently, she was from England, considered a "free-spirit", and a die-hard Rolling Stones fan. According to her Myspace profile, she has a son, and a grandchild, whom she had not yet met. Julia had a lot of life left in her. A life taken away because two people needed "more beer".

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