Monday, September 24, 2007

Four Corners Creep Of The Week: Scott Clark

Thanks to everyone who took part in the poll about Robert Ashley! For the most part, as you can see from the screenshot of the results, most people think that Robert Ashley is "As Creepy As They Get". As for the one person who voted that Ashley is "Not Creepy"--I really hope that was a joke (although not a really funny one). Sorry--grown men who find 8-9 year old little girls "sexually attractive", ARE creepy.

Now, on to our next nominee....

Meet Scott Clark, age 26. His latest trip to St. Paul, Minnesota allegedly left him with a little craving for duck. He could have found a decent restaurant, but apparently he didn't want to go much further than his hotel lobby........
You can read all about Clark's despicable deeds in this article from the Rocky Mountain News.

Don't forget to come back and vote!!

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