Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Carnival Of The True Crime Blogs #96

Welcome, once again, to the Carnival Of The True Crime Blogs. It is my pleasure to host this week's edition!

We start this week's carnival with a new addition to our blogroll, Sarcastic Crime. It's a fascinating blog, complete with a podcast! Please be sure to stop by their blog and welcome them to the TC blogroll! This week, Sarcastic Crime has jumped on board to talk about a subject that has the whole world talking, Chester Arthur Stiles: Wanted! Dead or Alive (or Dead...). You can read another entry about the case from one of our other blogs, Missing and Murdered Children. The newest entry on this case is Fugitive from Justice--Chester Arthur Stiles. Great job keeping this story out there, and hopefully this guy will be caught soon!

Our next entry is from the blog sensation, In Cold Blog. What could be worse than a "mother" assaulting her own flesh and blood? Michelle Gray answers this question with her entry, Faces Of Depraved Indifference.

Another example of a great "mother", can be found as we hop over to Bonnie's Blog of Crime. This time, "mom" was running out of places to snort her coke. Find out where she decided to snort here, with Bonnie's entry called-- Wendy Cook: What a shining example of motherhood-NOT!

Speaking of bad parents, our last entry comes from the blog, Parents Behaving Badly. There's certainly no shortage of parents who are basically breeding cavities, but this bizarre tale, Woman's nude stargazing ends with son's death., shows that the shortage doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon.

That's the carnival for this week! Hope you have enjoyed and thanks for stopping by!

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