Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Paging Doctor Peter Normann--Stat!

Dr. Peter J. Normann

The whole story sounds like a bizarre science fiction film, but for the families of Dr. Normann's victims, it's all too real. A doctor, performing liposuction procedures, loses 3 patients in a seven month period. One death occurred in December 2006, another in April 2007. The latter death resulted in restricting Normann's medical practice. Yet even after the restrictions, Normann-- with the assistance of a homeopathic doctor named Gary Page, was allegedly the cause of yet another death in July 2007.

Both Normann and Page were barred from practicing medicine.

What's bizarre still is Normann's "medical staff", which according to the Arizona Medical Board, included a "license massage therapist, a former restaurant owner, two former pre-school teachers and his mother" .

Two of the families of the deceased patients have filed lawsuits against Normann. But Normann is nowhere to be found. He disappeared shortly after his license was revoked.

These families deserve justice for their loved ones, and they deserve compensation for the barbaric practices that destroyed their lives.

Someone knows where he is. If it's you, do the right thing and turn him in to the authorities.

Sources: Arizona Republic, azcentral.com; Arizona Medical Board.

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