Monday, October 8, 2007

Update: "Creep" Pleads Not Guilty

Remember Robert Ashley? . He's the former substitute teacher, AKA "Four Corners Creep", that allegedly likes to film little girls, "under the skirt".

Well, there's an update. Robert Ashley, who apparently admitted to police that he is a pedophile, likes little girls 8-9 years old, can't relate to women, and has a "foot fetish", pleaded not guilty to charges of voyeurism and child abuse Friday, October 5th according to this article on KOAT .

There is an accompanying video next to the article.

In this related article, at the same site, a APS dispatcher was fired for giving the principal of the school where Ashley was working, some really bad advice. Here's a snippet from the article.

When the principal watched the tape, deputies said it contained video shot up a young girl's skirt.
The principal called APS dispatch to report the finding . The dispatcher said Ashley's rights had been violated and that the bag must be returned to him.

(Begin sarcastic rant):

Of course, we wouldn't want to violate the rights of a sick cretin that likes to film under little girl's skirts. After all, he's an adult, so obviously his rights are more important. And shouldn't he be able to have his video camera, his weapon of choice, if you will, so that he can continue to film up innocent children's skirts, or as Ashley would have us believe--their feet?

(End sarcastic rant)

Really, I don't care if he is filming little girl's feet, their ears, their shins--whatever. It's all the same to me. He allegedly admits he is sexually stimulated by filming their feet. It's disgusting. Anyone that would hear about what the principal viewed, and give advice like this really should have their head examined, and in my opinion--deserves to be fired.

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