Monday, October 22, 2007

Stupidity and Another Innocent Victim

Sunday is the only day that I work in the morning, due to my husband's work schedule. I mainly work in the evenings. Because of this fact, there are some co-workers that I only see on Sundays.

When one of my co-workers was dropped off by a vehicle, which was not the vehicle he normally drives or arrives in, I was a little curious and admittedly-nosy. So I asked him where his car was.

He had crashed his car. He was speeding and totalled it. Of course, naturally, I had to ask if he was drinking and driving. He said he was, and also added that he had spent 3 days in jail, and had a court date. If I had more time, I probably would have said more. I probably would have mentioned the fact that he had a little baby. I probably would have asked him how he would feel if he had killed someone. I probably would have asked him how he would feel if some drunk person had run down him and killed someone, like his child, or his child's mother. But, I didn't. I sure plan to, though.

There's another case though that needs to be heard. Another innocent victim, a little girl. Her story is in the news, but yet she is another victim whose name we do not know. Here is a snip of the online article from the Arizona Republic.

Police say Wilson Gilberto Alba-Cano, 27, was the driver in a hit-and-run accident that killed a 5-year-old girl Sunday afternoon in south Phoenix. Alba-Cano, was reportedly intoxicated, when he collided with another vehicle at Seventh Avenue and Roeser Road, Phoenix police spokeswoman Stacie Derge said.

Another innocent victim of an alleged drunk driver. And the guy just drove away, until he plowed into a fence, it seems.

I hate to be a pessimist-- but already knowing how easily these drunk drivers get off, only to do the same thing over, and over--I can already see a probable defense for this guy. Another quote from the article:

Police said it appears that some of the children in the truck were not wearing seatbelts.
Of course, when you have four children, ages 3-7, it's not okay for them to be riding in a vehicle without seatbelts. That doesn't excuse the alleged drunk driver from killing this little girl. She is still the victim here. But of course, the justice system usually finds a way to blame the victim.

Source: Arizona Republic

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