Monday, October 8, 2007

Four Corners Creep Of The Week: Michelle Tufts

Well, last week's poll was strongly in favor of Douglas Burns, the dog assaulting-picture taking-Wal-Mart developing-creep, being just that-a creep. One-hundred percent creepy, to be exact.

And so we move on to this week's potential creep.

Meet Michelle Tufts, 30, Also known as "Pixiedust", according to her MySpace profiles, which can be found Here and Here (the second one is now set to private). She's "lonely" and just wants "someone to touch". So, instead of finding an adult to cozy up to, she instead decided that it would be a better idea to molest an eight year old boy.

Apparently, the boy is somehow related to her, too.

Creepy or Not?

Source: Las Cruces Sun-News.

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