Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Four Corners Creep Of The Week: The Rude Lady

Votes were a little slow last week, but overall Michael Anthony Douglas, as you can see is definitely an alleged creep.

I apologize for the delay on this week's creep. Things have been busy, busy, busy......

This week's creep is not a creep that is once again "ripped from the headlines", but rather one that I had encountered yesterday. So, for the purpose of this story, she shall be called "The Rude Lady" AKA "The Money Order Lady".

It may not be a crime in the literal sense, but I will let you all decide if she is a creep or not. Okay, on with the story.....

Every day I stop at the local convienence store on my way to get my son from school to purchase a drink. The afternoons are still pretty warm here, so nothing beats an ice cold beverage. Apparently, the gentleman behind me felt the same way. Enter "The Rude Lady". She had just stepped in line in front of me and the gentleman. She had a list that she handed to the cashier, different amounts for different money orders. Her list contained approximately 6 separate money orders.

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't mind waiting in line. But if you have ever been in line behind someone getting a money order, you know they take awhile. I leave in plenty of time to account for a long line or any other mishap that could delay me in picking up my son from school.

The cashier kindly asked the lady- and I stress kindly because she really was very polite and professional about it-if she would mind letting me and the gentleman go ahead of her, given the fact that we both only had a soda each that would take about 30 seconds for her to ring up and just send us on our way. Of course, any normal person-myself included-would have said "sure". The Rude/Money Order Lady, with the maturity of a six-year-old said this:

"Why should I? I was here first."

So as you can see, basic courtesy and human kindness are running rampant in these parts. If it was a crime, I would charge her with failure to get a bank account, or if I wanted to get even, I would just charge her with a 5 pound bag of ice upside her head.

But I'm a nice person.

And, just to add for the record, if it wasn't for those ridiculous plastic straw wrappers that are impossible to get off of your straw-I would have been in line first. SO THERE!!!

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