Wednesday, October 3, 2007

No-Good Samaritans

An elderly man finishes his grocery shopping and awaits a bus to take him home. Suddenly, a truck comes plowing through the parking lot, striking the man, scattering his groceries everywhere. The driver of the truck speeds away, into the darkness.

Horrified onlookers run to aid the obviously injured man, while they wait for help to arrive. His groceries, mangled and destroyed, still lay in the parking lot.

Sounds great, right? People helping others in a time of need, doing what any good samaritan would do? Well, it would be, if that's what had actually happened.

But, that's not what happened.

One person went to help the elderly, bleeding victim.

The others? They stole his groceries.

A man, a fellow human being, lays dying on the ground, and they steal his groceries. The man is dead. According to the article here in the Arizona Republic, the man that was helping the dying man, also had his groceries stolen.

The Mesa Police have identified the owner of the truck as Alan Flores-Ocon, 23.

The driver who swerved up onto the westbound curb of Main and hit the victim fled in pickup truck. Police recovered the truck at a nearby apartment complex but the suspect escaped. The truck is registered to Alan Flores-Ocon, 23, and police want to question him.

If Flores-Ocon was the one driving the truck and struck this man, that's bad enough. But what is worse is the lack of compassion for another human being, one who need their help. Instead, they helped themselves. Disgusting excuses for human beings.

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